The gesture

Since 2000, Fanny Boucher has been making engravings and artists’ books on commission.

She adjusts her work to the expectations of the artists for whom she engraves and prints. She offers them her expertise, models it and recreates it for each new production.

“ If both photographers and designers choose photogravure.
As their privileged medium, it is with regard to the craft’s unique character
– Fanny 

11©Héliog - Eric Chenal
©Héliog - Eric Chenal


The incomparable plastic qualities of photogravure come from the ability of this unstructured process to subtly translate the shades of gray of the original plate through an extremely fine grain. It also confers unequalled deep blacks, due to the thickness of the ink, offering a sense of touch to the prints.


The artist prolongs, emphasizes his creative gesture.

If the pure rag paper on which the photogravure prints may vary in in weight or shade, it is also possible to opt for glued Japanese papers, enhancing the image of a background shade. Pigment inks offer a wide choice of ambiances and imagery.

There are more than eight different intaglio blacks multiplied by an infinity of colors capable of adding tint.

Photogravure, while faithfully reproducing the cliché, remains a process of interpretation. The results allow the artist to see his work under a new light.


A rare and symbolic process in the history of photography and its major actors, photogravure gives work another dimension. The choice to use this technique is never insignificant and reinforces the image’s message and the artist’s approach.


Thanks to its components, it is the most stable photographic image reproduction process in comparison with silver techniques. The image is printed on pure rag paper with neutral PH and the inks made from natural pigments and oil, thus giving photogravure one of its key assets: durability.

Talent at the service of talent

The artists

The artist questions, the craftsman answers.

The relationship that unites them is rare, complicit, timeless.

The hand must translate, interpret, sublimate thought without ever betraying it.

Which means that the artist now entrusts contemporary printing to the Atelier Hélio’g. Printing with luxury and a resolutely contemporary message.

The Atelier had the honor of putting photogravure at the service of

Mathieu Abonnenc, , Santiago Albert, Pierre Alechinsky, Wylda Bayron, Martin Becka, Gao Bo, Mihail Chemiakin, Chu Te Chun, Lucien Clergue, Robert Combas, Joël Ducorroy, Edouard Elias, Ernest Pignon Ernest, Hans Erni, Pierre Etaix, Patrick Faigenbaum, Flore, Gérard Garouste, Costanza Gastaldi, Jean Gaumy, Ingrid Fujiko Hemming, Françoise Huguier, Jean-Baptiste Huyhn, Alain Jacquet, JR, Kim Tschang Yeul, Émilia & Ilia Kabakov, Yuri Kuper, Yayoi Kusama, Rosana Lefeuvre, Ross Lovegrove, Benjamin Loyauté, Annette Messager, François Morellet, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Tomonari Sakurai, Toshio Shibata, Tony Soulié, Louis Stettner, Bernard Venet, Willy Ronis, Zao Wouki, Zep…

and many others, who have truly all left their mark, by offering their views, their experiences, their thoughts, their doubts, their joys…

For these unique moments, we thank you.