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Fanny Boucher

Fanny Boucher graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des arts et industries graphiques Estienne (Graduate School of Arts and Printing Industry) in intaglio engraving. In 1998, she specialized in the Talbot-Klic technique of photo-etching thanks to her training with Jean-Daniel Lemoine. He is an expert in the 19th century photomechanical processes.

Fanny Boucher having acquired this rare expertise, she founded the Atelier Heliog in 2000. It is a place of creation dedicated to intaglio techniques, especially photo-etching.

Since then, Fanny Boucher has provided her skills and support to numerous artists, gallerists and international publishers, as well as to designers and interior designers. Thus, Atelier Heliog offers a complete, unique and specific expertise of photogravure, in its finest tradition ranging from artist’s books to engravings, as well as an unprecedented opening to interior art and design.

11© Gilles Leimdorfer
© Gilles Leimdorfer
11© Jacques Pépion pour Roxane Rodriguez
© Jacques Pépion pour Roxane Rodriguez
Innovative materials

Design photogravure workshop

Since 2020, Fanny Boucher has extended her expertise to interior design and architecture industry.
She brings her expertise to architects, decorators and designers through the creation of unique creations in the field of interior design: wall compositions, furniture pieces, lighting, tableware…

Unique touch

Engravings and Artists' Books

Since 2000, Fanny Boucher has been making to order prints and artists’ books in heliogravure, adapting her gesture to the expectations of the artists for whom she engraves and prints.

She shares her know-how with them, makes it available to them, models it and recreates it with each new project.

11©Héliog - Fanny Boucher ©Gilles Leimdorfer
©Gilles Leimdorfer

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