Unique design

The gesture

Since 2020, Fanny Boucher has extended her expertise to interior design and architecture industry.

She brings her expertise to architects, decorators and designers through the creation of unique creations in the field of interior design: wall compositions, furniture pieces, lighting, tableware…

11©Héliog - Matières Innovantes
©Héliog - Matières Innovantes

The plastic strength
of the copper matrix

The finely engraved metal, bearing an almost unperceivable pattern, is Fanny Boucher’s signature.

The photogravure matrix provides an incomparable plastic complexity: material, texture and light become inseparable.

In the course of her creations, the raw, polished, patinated, steel-plated and gilded copper takes on a whole new dimension in pieces of furniture, wall compositions, lighting fixtures and boxes.

The richness of printed materials

The very aesthetical qualities of photogravure are not comparable with any other printing technique.

If this non-screened process allows to obtain subtle shades of gray through an extremely fine texture, it is its deep blacks due to the thickness of the ink that make it unequalled. Fanny Boucher offers variations and changes the traditional support of printing, namely the rag paper.

The photogravure comes into contact with leather, fabric, straw, feather, parchment… thus opening the way to new combinations of materials for new creations.

In order to answer the most challenging commissions and to find aesthetic and technical solutions
to the projects she is given, Fanny Boucher questions her traditional skills and pushes them to their limits.
Thus, she creates a fruitful and precious relationship with architects and interior designers.