Fanny Boucher – Martell



«The fruit of a collaboration between three members of the Grands Ateliers de France, this presentation box was created for cognac house Martell. Its lines and curves evoke the winding and rolling hills of the Charente countryside, where the terroir is called Grande Champagne.

Thierry Drevelle designed the presentation case, creating the tray on which rests the bottle in a mosaic of oak taken from barrel staves that have been darkened naturally over time by the eaux-de-vie.

To enhance the backing of the case, Fanny Boucher chose sheets of copper, a material that evokes the cognac’s amber and is ever-present in its production process. The intaglio engraving she used for the Jean Martell signature contrasts between the matt and glossy materials, playing with the oxidisation and revealing itself as an imprint, a furrow in the soil.

The swift, Martell’s symbol, appears in gold and light on the top of the case, which Mireille Herbst has lacquered in rich tones the cognac house’s deep blue.

This synergy of savoir-faire embodies the way eaux-de-vie are assembled together to create cognac.»

Vin, Métiers d’art et Art de vivre [Wine, Fine crafts and Art de Vivre]
Hélène Farnault

Client: Martell

Object: Case created by Fanny Boucher, Mireille Herbst and Thierry Drevelle for Martell.


Support: Wood et copper

Year: 2015

©Edition Glénat, Glénat 2017