Helio’g Workshop

From print
to design

In 2000, Fanny Boucher founded the Atelier Hélio’g, a creative center dedicated to the intaglio engraving techniques and more particularly grain photogravure, a rare skill.

Since then she has offered her craft and support to numerous artists, gallery owners and international publishers.

Member of the Grands Ateliers de France, she was honored to receive the title of Master of Art in 2015 and from 2012 to 2017 passes down her know-how to her student Antonin Pons Braley who undertakes innovative work on volume photogravure (www.tumuult.com).

Joined in 2015 by Marie Levoyet who trained in intaglio and traditional flatbed photogravure printing.

Today, Atelier Hélio’g offers a complete, unique and singular expertise in photogravure printing, in its purest tradition from artist’s book to engraving, as well as in its unprecedented opening to art furniture and design.

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Fanny Boucher

Master of Art
Photo graver

Graduate of the Ecole Supérieure des arts et industries graphiques Estienne in intaglio engraving.
Since 1998 Fanny Boucher has specialized in the Talbot-Klic process from photogravure to grain printing through his training with Jean-Daniel Lemoine, a scientist specialized in 19th century photomechanical processes.

In 2000 she founded the Atelier Hélio’g and in 2015 received the title of Master of Art.


The teacher is the link between craft,
skills that her students will never cease to pass on.

Marie Levoyet



Marie Levoyet, textile designer, was awarded the “Prix de perfectionnement aux métiers d’art de la ville de Paris” in 2017, which enabled her to perfect her training at Atelier Hélio’g.

She is currently focusing her work on traditional intaglio printing and its inclination towards more innovative materials while still continuing her training in flatbed photogravure.

As an independent intaglio printer, she also collaborates with several workshops and contemporary engravers.

Le Potager
du Dauphin

In the heart of Meudon, the Potager du Dauphin now hosts a cluster of activities dedicated to arts and crafts.

Atelier Hélio’g
Potager du Dauphin,
15 rue Porto-Riche
92190 Meudon / France